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Why Choose Us?


Reliable Research and Development Team

We are able to realize your cosmetic & skincare concept into a marketable product.


Unique Formula

Your product will be originally made, unlike the other brands on the market. The formula we make for you is different and unique.


Easy Licensing Process

We help you with the licensing process of BPOM certification, MUI Halal certification, and brand and patent certification. Your product is legal, HALAL, and safe to use.


Quality Assurance

We produce quality products according to the quality standards that have been set nationally and internationally.

Get to know the Process

Products That PT. Nose Herbalindo Produces

  • image serum


  • image masker

    Sheet Mask

  • image face wash

    Face Wash

  • image body wash

    Body Wash

  • image day night cream

    Day/Night Cream

  • image toner


  • image body scrub

    Body Scrub

  • image face mist

    Face Mist

Schedule a Visit to PT Nose Herbalindo

Please fill in the form next to this section and include your information on the amount of your budget, details of the product you have, and product references. Date of visit to be filled in at least H+5 from the time of filling this form. Our team will contact you shortly to re-confirm.

If you want to talk to our Customer Service, please click the Whatsapp link below. Our operating hours are Monday to Friday from 09.00 am to 17.00 pm.




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Find inspiration for your product design, the innovations we have made, and several tips about beauty here.

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